• – EVEN YOU!

There have been times that, as a single mum, I’ve been so overwhelmed that I couldn’t even figure out where to start on what needed to be done and at times it felt like most of it was beyond my capabilities. There were 3 kids that I had to get to school and make sure were on top of their work and then organise their social lives which quite frankly were much busier than mine. Thinking about it, there was one point where I didn’t even have a social life because I was too busy organising theirs! I had to balance all this as well as the everyday demands of running a home and my businesses too. Although, work felt like the only thing that was keeping me sane, because I absolutely love what I do; it didn’t feel like work, more of a calling.

During my Kinesiology training I heard phrase that really stuck with me “In an aeroplane you’re taught to always put your own oxygen mask on first, and then you’re in a position to help others.” This can relate to everyday life, but what does this actually look like? What things should be done in order to keep your life in balance?

We should aim for more than just being healthy, we should be feeling great. Do you feel great because you’re focused on each piece of the health lifestyle puzzle of eating healthily, looking after your own mental health, maintaining a structurally strong body, and having energy that fuels you through the day?

Your Health is an Inside Job

For me to keep my life in ‘balance’, I don’t see clients before 11am. Why, you ask -do I work part-time? To put it simply, no - I wake early around 4.30am usually and during these early hours I get more work done than I would actually during the day. Once the routine of the getting the kids to school is complete, I then look after me and plan my day. I understand that not everyone has the same flexibility of starting the working day later, but could getting up 30 minutes earlier help in putting something into place to look after yourself? Physical activity is vital for me as well as choosing food which is going to nourish me and make me feel like I can manage as a single mum of three kids, maintain the house, as well as run 2 businesses which are not just defined about how much monetary reward they provide, but also about how good I feel and how they fit into my life where I can work the hours that fit around the children and their needs.

I Am the Glue That Holds My Family’s Life Together.

Just think about those in your life who might not be getting the best of you, as you don’t give yourself the time or space to fill life with what you need. A family’s well-being rests primarily in a woman’s hands and we’re not just talking about physical health, but also emotional health too.

Start small – sometimes it’s only these small steps that are enough to make you feel a big difference.

As we embark on this Valentine’s Day – my message is plain and simple – look after yourself, love yourself and take whatever is best and most appropriate for you. Here’s are six essential things that I do that keep me feeling great:

1) Food and Drink

This includes my morning ritual of the glass of warm lemon water, my protein shake, and the food for the day, which usually resembles the colours of the rainbow. Food that will nourish me, so I can balance my responsibility as a mother, and a successful business owner.

2) Air and the Environment

Fresh Air – getting out and about in the fresh air makes me feel great. It really re-energises, and re-invigorates me. If you ever feel a bit tired during the day, try opening a couple of windows or having a short walk outside. Spending time away from those people who drain my energy definitely helps too, and is something you should consider.

3) Movement & Rest

I’m no vain muscle machine, but its important to keep your body active, as its not designed to be stagnant. I mix my exercise routine rotating between weights, yoga, Pilates, and cardio – in fact, I dabble in a bit of everything as it helps to keep variety in your exercise. Don’t forget though, if you’re not too comfortable with certain exercises, its important to take it at your own pace, baby steps are better than no steps and any effort to improve your well being should be celebrated.

4) Sleep and Wakefulness

Sleep is not a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity, but what matters more is the quality of your sleep, over the quantity itself.

There’s a phase of sleep known as REM Sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) or Dream Sleep and during this phase of sleep, the body uses A LOT of energy. When someone dreams too much, they will wake up tired and the root cause of this is usually too much worrying so dealing with the cause of your stress in waking hours will help you get the right kind of sleep. There is also a link between too much REM sleep and depression so get this checked out if you are waking up tired or suffering with depression.

5) Eating and Evacuation

Diet is by far the most googled term – there are hundreds of thousands of ways to diet- but I break it down simply into three categories:

  • Foods that energise you – Biogentic
  • Foods that drain you – Biocidic
  • Foods that keep you level – Biostatic

Eat foods that nourish you, and anyone that does not evacuate (in simple terms – go for a poo), has a highly toxic body. The body is a very clever machine, its hardcoded to know how to keep you alive. If a person is exposed to too many toxins through food, WI-FI, body washes, lotions, and many over common household products, then these toxins get stored in the fat cells. The reason they are stored in fat cells is that it keeps the toxins away from your vital organs, protecting them so they can work efficiently. If you lose weight, the toxins are released back into your blood stream so it is vital to drink lots of water when trying to lose weight, as this will help you urinate and poo which is the body’s way of getting toxins out!

6) Emotions

Okay, so the saying that I throw at people all the time is

What the Brain Suppresses the Body Expresses.

In other words – bury your emotions, and an earthquake will happen. You have to look after this essential component all the time. Feeling good isn’t just about getting the body in a place of health. How do I know this? When I was going through a very acrimonious divorce, I was exercising but my brain was in a total meltdown. It took every ounce of my energy to drag myself to the gym. You cannot have a healthy brain without a healthy body and vice versa. The state of our brain affects our body, sometimes in a traumatic direct way such as causing hair to fall out, digestive issues, not being able to conceive as easily, and the list goes on. Humans are all built with a blueprint of what they need emotionally in order to feel fulfilled and satisfied and if you’re struggling with this – speak to a therapist who can get you back on track. TOP TIP – seeing a therapist is not for life – they should help you get back on track after a 4-6 sessions.

As a Kinesiologist who specialises in Depression, Trauma and Emotional support – feel free to get in touch if you or anyone you know, could use help with a totally unique approach.