• Do you wake up tired no matter how many hours you slept?
  • Do you suffer with depression and struggle to sleep?
  • Do you over worry and this impacts your sleep?

It’s National Public Sleeping Day today! (28th of February) a day where taking a nap in public is celebrated, whether it be on a park bench, on the beach, or on the bus!! Sometimes just closing your eyes for 10 minutes works wonders and is enough to get you back on track!

Sleep is vital to health and plays a massive part in feeling good. It’s only when you don’t sleep well do you realise the full value of what it actually means to get some serious good quality sleep. When I think back to having my 3 children the thing I remember the most was the lack of sleep and how I actually thought how I could fall asleep standing up! I think a lot would agree that having a good quality night’s sleep is more important than getting the full 8 hours of recommended sleep.

Light Sleep

This is where the body is beginning to unwind and slow down, you may drift between being awake and asleep and so you may still be a little alert. In this stage, your breathing and heart rate begins to slow down into a more relaxed state.

Deep Sleep

This stage of sleep is also known as the slow wave sleep, and it is during this phase that the body repairs itself. Your breathing has slowed down even further, and the muscles begin to truly relax. During this phase the nervous system really gets a break.

REM Sleep / Dream Sleep

This sleep stage is known as Rapid Eye Movement (as the eyes can be seen darting around the lids). Think of this as the brain trying to file away information from the previous day, especially thoughts and information that have not been processed such as an argument with a partner that has not been concluded, a situation that hasn’t been resolved, a conflict with a boss, or even just the general stresses of everyday life that make you worry.


When you dream, your muscles below the neck ARE NOT active to protect you from acting out your dreams in real life! The body has to go into a state of paralysis to keep you still. With all this activity being controlled and monitored by the brain, this phase requires A LOT of energy. So, this means IF YOU HAVE TOO MUCH REM SLEEP, YOU WILL WAKE UP TIRED!


So, if you find you are waking up feeling tired or that you are worrying or suffering with depression and not sleeping well, then please feel free to get in touch for a quick chat on how I can help you or anyone you know.