Massage is not a luxury, it’s a pleasure prescription for your body to feel the best it can.


This uses light to firm strokes that glide over the body providing relaxation and releasing muscle tension. Chemicals such as serotonin – the happy hormone, dopamine – the motivation hormone and oxytocin the relaxation hormone are increased which elevate the mood and bring a sense of balance back into the mind and body.

Massage is a way of life – not just for the taking when a part of your body feels sore or tense, but used in a preventative way that helps fill your cup in self care and rejuvenation.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

  1. Relax by calming own the nervous system.
  2. Allow stress to melt from your body and mind.
  3. Allow the body to move more easily & increase flexibility.
  4. Improve your posture & blood circulation?
  5. Boost your mood?
  6. Help the body remove those yukky toxins
  7. Support a healthy immune system by moving lymph around the body effectively.
  8. Increase energy by delivering more oxygen through the body and nutrition supply to the muscles.
  9. Increase energy by delivering more oxygen through the body.
  10. Improve sleep as massage increases serotonin levels in the body.
  11. Relieves headaches

Ellie's review

“Had a wonderful Swedish massage this afternoon. Kiron created a lovely relaxing atmosphere and the whole experience left me feeling refreshed and cared for. It was also incredibly relaxing and helped me through a busy day.”


This is one of my favourite massages – I like to feel like I’ve had a workout on the couch and this firm massage is a must if you’ve got aches and pains that you want to address or your body is under demand every day. Whilst deep tissue massages are firm, they benefit the body and mind and can provide relief from pain with a greater sense of wellbeing.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

  1. Treat Chronic Back Pain
  2. Reduce Stress, Anxiety And Muscle Tension
  3. Break The Tissue Of The Scar
  4. Improve Athletic Recovery And Performance
  5. Reduces The Symptoms Of Arthritis
  6. Postural issues

Helen's review

“I had the most amazing massage with Kiron this morning, I was so relaxed afterwards and she well and truly de-crunched me! Kiron is so warm and friendly, and her massage space is perfect. I would highly recommend her services”


My favourite massage of them all – just thinking about it just makes my body relax even though the majority of the focus is on the scalp, neck and shoulders. I remember having an IHM after the birth of all three of my children – to sit and have a pair of welcoming warm hands melting all the tension from my head – it felt like each strand of hair had been touched and the feeling afterwards was unexplainable.

Unlike Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage, this one is done sitting in a chair making sure you are comfortable and your body supported and this is the start of a journey like no other. It’s like being in a deep trance or an amazing powerful nap.

Reena's review

“I had an Indian Head massage from Kiron recently, she was excellent. Whilst staying true to the concept of Indian Head Message, she incorporated other techniques. I was so rejuvenated and relaxed when it finished, I plan to go regularly.”

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