The Inside / Out Depression Solution

Do you lack motivation and finding that no matter how much sleep you get, you are waking up tired? When you do actually sleep, maybe you are dreaming much more vividly than you used to? Then you spend the day filled with worry over even the smallest tings? Is your eating not the best with you reaching for unhealthy options and then feeling even worse that you started?

This 6-session package is designed to help you break free from the cycle of depression by approaching it from combined mind and body approach.

This package includes:-

  • 6 weekly sessions of 1 hour

  • 6 weekly interim catch-up sessions of 20 minutes to be held via phone or video

  • 21 day Gut Boost which cleanses the gut and re-sets it – this includes 5 supporting supplements as well as:-

  1. Where I check in with your lifestyle in order to track your progress.

  2. You will also be given a personal tour of a Cooking System that I utilise for a healthy lifestyle and yummy healthy recipes to nourish you from the inside out.

  3. You will be added to a Facebook group who are there to jiggy you along and champion you with heaps of encouragement.

  4. Supply of the Microbiome Kit with 5 supplements to purify your gut.

  5. Emotional support utilising proven psychological approach to mental wellbeing identifying which elements of your life are required to ensure you are moving forwards and your needs are being met.

  6. Kinesiology to support positive physical well-being and re-balance the body and the mind.

In this Inside / Out programme, you’ll be guided through a 21-day gut cleanse to rebalance your body. While you start to feel the benefits of better gut health, we’ll look at any emotional support you may require and I’ll also use kinesiology to further support the positive changes you are experiencing to allow you to move forwards positively in a life that works.

The sessions I’ll deliver will be tailored to your individual needs allowing you to be entirely confident that you are getting exactly the right help for you.

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