21 Days to Feeling Better

Did you know that only 10% of us human beings are cells that contain DNA and the remainder 90% is other stuff known as microbiome? The quality of our microbiome determines a lot of things such as our weight, energy levels, This programme is designed to kick-start your health, boost your mood & get you feeling better quickly.

Benefits of the Programme

  1. Would you like to have restful and relaxing sleep?
  2. Boost your mood and increase your energy levels?
  3. Reduce bloating & improve your digestive system?
  4. Encourage healthy weight loss including a slimmer waist?
  5. Curb sugar cravings that keep rearing their ugly head?
  6. Support your heart health?
  7. Achieve clearer skin?
  8. Improve your sports performance and recovery?

“All disease begins in the gut”

How to Feel your Best

Before I go on to tell you more, let’s throw this word at you first:- THE GUT.

You’ll hear this word several times on my website but the questions you must have is what is it and what happens in this part of the body that’s so damn important?

Here’s why this is so important to your health – your gut is your digestive system and it is the engine within your body where fuel (food) is put in and living in our gut are lots of little microbes, bacterial and fungi and when you put them all together they are called MICROBIOME. The important bit - did you know that as a human being, we have only 10% of human cells which contain DNA and the remainder 90% is all Microbiome. So doesn’t it make sense to look after this?

The quality of our microbiome determines how well your body will perform right from :-

  1. How easily you can fight infections
  2. How effectively your digestion works
  3. What weight you are
  4. What your skin looks like
  5. Your mood and brain function
  6. Your ability to cope with stress

The best rule of thumb is that if you feel full of energy, you have no digestive issues, you’re the ideal weight, your skin radiates and you think clearly – then you can simply move onto another part of my website because that is brilliant and you are in optimum health!! (maybe look at getting a massage- I’m pretty good at these!!)

However, – if you want to feel better …. then working on your Microbiome is a great starting point for you so keep reading…

21 Days to Feeling your Best….

This Gut Boost programme combines eating foods which have high nutritional value with supplements that go to work in your body supporting your microbiome and purify your gut – like pushing the re-set button. There is no guesswork in this programme – you are given a list of the exact foods you can have and which ones to avoid with which supplements to take and when to take them.

When I first did this programme, I used it as a starting point to achieve the body I wanted as I turned 50 and now I use it every few months. I lost 2.5 stones in weight by combining it with physical exercise and took my metabolic age from 58 (I know what you’re thinking – how unhealthy must I have been!) to a current metabolic age of 33 and a reduction of fat percentage in my body from 33.6% to 24%.s

This Gut Boost Programme includes:-

  1. Face to Face appointment where I check in with your lifestyle, look at your goals and take measurements in order to track your progress.
  2. You will also be given a personal tour of a Cooking System that I utilise for a healthy lifestyle and yummy healthy recipes to nourish you from the inside out.
  3. You will be added to a facebook group who are there to jiggy you along and champion you with heaps of encouragement.
  4. Direct hotline to me if you need it.
  5. Supply of the Microbiome Kit with 5 supplements to purify your gut.
  6. You will leave feeling confident about the exciting journey ahead.
  7. Face to Face appointment at the end of the 21 days to re-take your measurements and discuss the positive changes that have taken place for you and discuss the way forward to ensure you maintain bags of energy, great sleeping and all the other benefits that come with this programme.

One Year In

Kiron Collett – Before & After

One of my favourite sayings is “You can’t out-train a bad diet”. Nourishing your body and boosting your gut health is the starting point in looking good and feeling great. So if you’d like to achieve any of the following, get in touch:-

  1. - Improved mood
  2. - Increase in energy
  3. - Improved sleep
  4. - Reduced aches & pains
  5. - No more bloating
  6. - Balanced blood sugars
  7. - Clearer complexion, stronger nails & fuller hair
  8. - Improved circulation
  9. - Boosted immune system
  10. - Reducing anxiety
  11. - Sustainable weight loss
  12. - Surviving menopause

Sarah's Review

Never did I think that I could feel so good at the end of 3 weeks. The Microbiome Kit literally ticked all the boxes and more on what I wanted to work on:-

  • Bloating gone
  • 5.5 inches off waist
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Better mood with heaps more energy
  • Mental clarity & feeling happier
  • No more knee pain
  • 12lbs lighter

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