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    • Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT)
    • Certificate of Systematic Kinesiology
    • Practitioner of Systematic Kinesiology
    • Human Givens Psychotherapist & Counsellor
    • Diploma of Systematic Kinesiology
    • Member of Kinesiology Association
    • CertifIcate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Services
    • Diploma in Nutritional Therapy
    • APNT Indian Head Massage
    • ABT Swedish Massage
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    Inner Fix Wellness Treatments

    Wellness means different things to different people and each of our body’s have a story, so get in touch for a free 20 minute call and we can have a chat about what’s going on for you and how I can help get you there.


    Massage is a way of life – not just for the taking when a part of your body feels sore or tense, but used in a preventative way that helps fill your cup in self care and rejuvenation.


    Melting with relaxation from the head down in this seated massage that addresses the scalp, neck and shoulders to give you deeply rejuvenating experience.


    Please head over to the Bristol Human Givens Centre where you will find more information on this amazing therapy that deals with emotional distress in a way that works with the human mind. Hit the link below for more info.

    Gut Boost Programme

    Did you know that only 10% of us human beings are cells that contain DNA and the remainder 90% is other stuff known as microbiome? The quality of our microbiome determines a lot of things such as our weight, energy levels, This programme is designed to kick-start your health, boost your mood & get you feeling better quickly.

    Contact Kiron to assess suitability & availability


    This program is for ladies & gents wishing to conceive – I will take you down a road of addressing any stress that this journey is causing and through a combination of kinesiology, psychotherapy and nutritional support, you will begin to feel lighter and be in a more balanced place. This is a natural approach to fertility and we will focus on your diet, introduce any supplements that may be needed for optimum health and look at any emotional blocks that may need to be addressed.


    Contact Kiron to assess suitability & availability

    A tailor-made program that discovers what is going on in your world and addresses your health from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. The package includes kinesiology, psychotherapy, nutrition, physical and aims at educating and inspiring you so that get exactly how to do life.


What We Do

There are 44 muscle tests to figure out what is going on inside your body – every test has a purpose and allows me to work out what part of your health needs addressing. It is the fastest growing alternative and holistic healthcare service in the UK with more and more people looking for solutions & relief from their symptoms without any side affects caused by modern medicine.

I’ll work with you on all aspects of your health and get you back up and running so that you feel better, have more energy and sleep better at night. My clients will tell you that I’m great at working out what your body needs nutritionally, emotionally, physically and energetically and it is with these four applications when combined, create a powerhouse in relief from symptoms by knowing what is the root cause and building better health.

Kiron Collett

H.G. Dip P / Dip TASK / Cert TASK – Founder, Kinesiologist & Psychotherapist

I’ve turned my health around from someone who was overweight, various allergies, constantly ill as a child with asthma and bronchitis - if there was a cold going around - it was almost a given that I would get it. Going into adulthood, I had regular migraines, developed hay fever, weak digestive system not to mention a fertility journey that involved 2 ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages. You could say my immune system was not the healthiest.

Kinesiology changed all that - I’m now enjoying the best level of health. The starting point is realising that you don’t feel well and have the control to change by visiting a skilled Kinesiologist who can get to the starting point and help you build your health

What my clients had to say

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    Angela's review

    “I have had two kinesiology sessions with Kiron so far and am so pleased with the results. I was stressed and out of balance when I first made contact, Kiron was able to detect the areas of my body that were affected and provide the necessary support. After my second session I experienced a euphoric moment which was 'bliss'. You will also need to be invested in making any changes that will help you develop, to get the best results. I cannot recommend this type of therapy enough. Kiron is an excellent practitioner, she is insightful, compassionate and made me feel at ease.”

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    Rebekah's Review

    “I began seeing Kiron for kinesiology a year ago and have never looked back. Kinesiology is just fascinating and Kiron is extremely professional and very approachable. She is excellent at connecting the emotional and physical and at making practical suggestions as well as advice on supplements. She comes highly recommended!!”

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    Naomi's review

    “I don't know what I would do without my visits to Kiron. Before I came to her I was getting migraines regularly, once a month at least. Since starting treatments with her about 9 months ago I have had 1. Amazing! She really knows what she's doing, and has helped me take control of my health and my life again. I cannot recommend Kiron enough. Cool, calm and caring - ”

  • Martin's review

    “I first saw Kiron after a death I was party to at work that left me tired, confused and depressed. The emotional trauma beat me and I quite simply had fallen over with mental health Issues. After each face to face session with Kiron I came back alive. I committed to the homework and self-reflection and after 4 sessions I was well and truly on my way back to me. I chose to return to see Kiron after a couple of months as I found the sessions before had helped me get back on my feet. Kiron then helped me look at some of my life experiences and how to find excitement in a new journey in my life. Best of all I now have the tools and a much greater understanding of how I function and what I must do to look after my mental health.”

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